Procedure To Be Followed

(1) To develop the e-Government processes of the country and the e-Government processes of the Ministry, Network Server and Website will be maintained.

(2) natural disasters in regions/states; By rescuing and supporting ethnic groups that suffer from the dangers of war, social, We will work to improve economic and physical connections.

(3) In accordance with the Law on the Protection of Ethnic Rights, the ethnic groups have their speech, literature art In order to maintain and develop cultural traditions, support will be provided to ethnic literary and cultural associations.

(4) Union Territory in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Ethnic Rights; Karen, who live in Nay Pyi Taw itch Ceremonies and special events held by the Chin and Rakhine ethnic groups. To develop the socio-economic life of the ethnic groups in the regions/states, traditional handicrafts production, handicrafts, Traditional customs and festivals performed according to cultural traditions. Support will be provided in order to celebrate the special day.

(5) capacity building courses within the ministry to develop human resources for the employees who will be involved in the social development activities of the ethnic groups; subject lectures; Domestic/foreign study tours and graduate courses; Employees will be sent to the National Service University and Public Service Academy courses.

(6) Renovation of traditional ethnic houses in Union Ethnic Village (Yangoon); Renovation of Nang Suk Tower; Repairing employee housing; In addition to road and bridge repairs, general upgrading works will be carried out.

(7) Purchase of theater equipment and purchase of electric buggy batteries for use in Union Ethnic Village (Rangoon) will be carried out.

(8) Buying office furniture and other necessities that are basic needs; office building office equipment, Vehicles and other equipment will be prepared and maintained for long-term use.

(9) Shan State Taunggyi District At the "Shan State Ethnic Affairs and Vocational Education Training Center" in Aye Thayar City, the main building will be upgraded from the 2nd floor to the 4th floor.

(10) In Shan State, Taunggyi District, Aye Thayar City, with Mekong-Lan Chan Cooperation Special Fund (2021) and (2022), the "Shan State Ethnic Affairs and Vocational Education Training Center" will implement parking lot, concrete road, transformer installation, outdoor electrical works (street lights), drainage and platform making, Workshop Building, fence fencing, artesian hole digging and dining hall construction.

(11) With the Mekong-Lanshan Cooperation Special Fund (2022), the project "Fully Completion of Fundamental Tools for the Center of Vocational and Ethnic Community Affairs in Shan State" was given the opportunity to implement, and the tools needed for the project, Arrangements will also be made for the availability of Machine Equipments and teaching experts.

(12) We will cooperate with the Ministry of Education to appoint teachers/teachers to teach ethnic literature and establish a curriculum based on ethnic languages to ensure that ethnic literature is not obscured.

(13) traditional culture related to ethnic groups; story Proverb riddle Naming and celebrities; We will publish ethnic magazines and books to increase awareness.

(14) Collection of traditional ethnic heritages such as dresses and accessories will be carried out for exhibition.

(15) ethnic traditions, traditional foods, traditional sports competitions; In addition to traditional competitions and video recording of endangered peoples, annual special days and famous festivals will be held and cultural and traditional dance performances will be conducted.

(16) Education of ethnic groups; Health, social life promotion, pamphlets related to educational activities; It will be carried out to provide comprehensive knowledge in the ethnic language to other notables.

(17) Being able to develop inter-ethnic unity and mutual interests. providing employment opportunities; Education Workshops that promote health and social life; Seminars will be held.

(18) Study tour to increase the knowledge of ethnic groups and achieve friendship